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It's in Your Own Home
And It's a Real Killer!

Some cool pictures

Optical illusions

Separated at Birth?

Some cool sidewalk art

Tornado Pictures

Some funny pictures

Some clever pictures

Strange Cars

Where is the Sun?

More interesting gems

Jay Leno Christmas Music
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (wow!)

One Crazy Cloud
Craziest cloud you ever saw

Challenging Math Puzzle: The Know, Don't Know Problem
(Delphi Implementation: U_KnowDontKnow2.pas  u_primes.pas)
Two integers, A and B, each between 2 and 100 inclusive, have been chosen. The product, A*B, is given to mathematician Dr. P. The sum, A+B, is given to mathematician Dr. S. They each know the range of numbers. Their conversation is as follows:

What are the numbers?

PI anyone?

This doesn't apply to *me* of course:

My strange license plate game here.

Sign Language

Last Updated on 1/19/2022